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Discover the history of B&B Palazzi in Florence in the Castello area

Our history

Hello everyone, we are two Florentine brothers Mario and Alessio.
Together we decided to restore the house where we spent all our childhood and adolescence and to make it a comfortable, charming Bed and Breakfast like the homes of the past.
Every day Serafina, Mario’s sister in law and Alessio’s wife will help to manage the work and the guests to feel at home.
This home was once a part of the Villa Corsini, but in the seventies, it was restored with taste, love, and respect by our parents, Alfredo and Simonetta. We have decided to complete a new restoration of the house, maintaining the originality and style, but renovating the plants and modernizing the structure. The changes we have made will ensure an extremely comfortable visit for anyone who has the curiosity and desire to stay in our ... B&B Palazzi!


The most important Medici Villas are located near the structure:
Villa Di Castello (or Villa Reale Di Castello) restored by Vasari and surrounded by a magnificent garden designed by Tribolo, the seat of he Accademia della Crusca;
Villa Petraia which is considered, not wrongly, one of the jewels of the city, for the excellence of its precious paintings and furnishings and for its good position in the landscape;
Villa Corsini, a beautiful villa built in Baroque style of which our bed and breakfast was an annex;
Villa Reale Di Careggi, which was built in the first half of the fifteenth century and restored by Michelozzo for Cosimo II, who died here in 1464.
The area is also rich of other important historical-architectural villas: Villa Il Pozzino, Villa La Quiete and the most famous Villa del Bel Riposo, where the writer Carlo Lorenzini called "Collodi" lived for a long time. He certainly took inspiration from these places and its inhabitants, for the drafting of his literary masterpiece "Pinocchio", whose adventures have been translated into many languages and known all over the world.
Since 1974, the famous Accademia della Crusca has been located at the Villa Medicea di Castello. It is an Italian institution that gathers scholars, linguistic and philological experts of the Italian language and is therefore one of the most prestigious linguistic institutions in Italy and in the world.
Castello is also the town of Florence where the great Florentine poet Mario Luzi was born, who returned to the eternal rest in the cemetery of the local church of S. Michele a Castello.
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